Two Days Special Angkor Wat + Banteay Srei

Two Days – Special Angkor Wat + Banteay Srei (2D6)


I. Destinations / Attractions:

1.    Day One: Start at 10:00 AM

*  Floating Village (Stilt Village): boat trip on the Tonle Sap Lake, the biggest lake in South-east  Asia
*  War Museum
*  The Killing Field
*  Go to buy the temples’ pass for the next day (at 4:30PM)
*  Sunset at Bakheng Hill

2.    Day Two: Start at 5:00 AM (Visit only the main temples)

*  Sunrise at Angkor Wat
*  Banteay Srei Temple (37 KM)
*  Ta Prohm
*  Preah Kan
*  Angkor Thom
·         South Gate Angkor Thom
·         Bayon Temple
·         Baphuon
·         Phimeanakas
·         Terrace of the Elephants
·         Terrace of the Leper King
*  Angkor Wat

II. Description:

This tour package is really good that you not only visit the temples, but you will see the countryside and have a lot of understanding about how our people live their lives in the past as well as in the present. You will experience the three main areas – social, economic and culture.

You save US$20 on the temples’ pass free and spend it on the boat fee and river pass instead.

III. Price:     

Price Quote

IV. What is included:

1.    An English-speaking tour guide
2.    An A/C car or mini-van with a driver + gasoline + parking fee + complimentary cool drinking water

V. What is excluded:

1.    Temples Entrance Pass Fee = US$37 per person
2.    Floating village pass + boat fee = US$20 per person
3.    War museum ticket = US$5 per person
4.    Food + Beverage
5.    Other personal expenses

VI. Other Important Information & Tips

1.    Where to pick up: hotel, a place in town or at the Siem Reap Airport
2.    Ending location: hotel or a place in town
3.    Tour Duration: 2 Day, 8 Hours/Day (flexible)
4.    What to Wear: You can wear whatever clothing you feel comfortable and not too sexy for ladies (t-shirt & knee-length shorts are recommended). For footwear, sport shoes or flip flops are recommended.
5.    Make sure that your camera battery is fully charged and bring a reserved one if available.