Two Days – Easy Angkor Tours + Beng Mealea + Koh Ker (2D9)

This is the VIP tour package to visit 2 temples in the 2 difference provinces for the first day. Beng Mealea is in Siem Reap province about 65 km from town and Koh Ker is in Preah Vihear Province, about 110KM from Siem Reap Town. These two temples are really special since they have their own uniqueness – Beng Mealea is overgrown by the jungle and Koh Ker is the only one 7-tier pyramid temple in Cambodia. For the second day, visit the main temples in both small circuit and big circuit such as Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm (Jungle temple in Tomb Raider), Bayon and Ta Nei which is the lesser known temple in the jungle.

Destinations / Attractions:

  1. Day 1: start at 7:30AM
  • Beng Mealea: 65 km from Siem Reap Town is the real jungle temple without restoration. This temple is known as the Indiana Jones – the temple of dome.
  • Koh Ker Group: (A group of many ruin temples in Preah Vihear province about 110 km from Siem Reap Town)
    • Prasat Pram
    • Prasat Neang Khmao
    • Prasat Damrei
    • Prasat Chen
    • Prasat Linga
  1. Day 2: start at 8:00AM
  • Angkor Wat (the biggest religious monument in the world)
  • Bayon temple (the only one temple for the Buddha)
  • Ta Prohm (the jungle temple known as Tomb Raider temple)
  • Ta Nei (the hidden temple in the jungle)

What is included:

  • (Optional) An English-speaking tour guide (other languages also available with surcharge)
  • A tuktuk, A/C car or mini-van with a driver + gasoline + parking fee
  • Complimentary cool drinking water & towel

What is excluded:

  • Angkor Archeological Park Pass: US$37 per person
  • Beng Mealea Pass: US$5 per person
  • Koh Ker Pass: US$10 per person
  • Personal Food + Beverage
  • Gratuity & Tipping
  • Other personal expenses

Tour Price:

You can have four options for this package:

  • Option 1: A/C vehicle with English-speaking, licensed DRIVER for day one, and Tuktuk with English-speaking, licensed DRIVER for day two:

1-4 pax = $125

  • Option 2: A/C vehicle with English-speaking, licensed DRIVER for the first and second days.

1 – 4 pax = $140
5 – 12 pax = $175

  • Option 3: A/C vehicle with a DRIVER + licensed English-speaking GUIDE for day one and, tuktuk with a DRIVER + licensed English-speaking GUIDE for day two.

1 – 3 pax = $210

  • Option 4: A/C vehicle with a DRIVER, and professional licensed English-speaking TOUR GUIDE for both days.

1 – 3 pax = $225
4 – 11 pax = $250

Note: While the driver can bring you to all the attractions, he is not allowed to accompany the visitors to the temples and to explain about the culture, history, Buddhism or Hinduism myths, which is the job of the tour guides who are trained and licensed by the ministry of Tourism.


Other Important Information & Tips:

  • Where to pick up: hotel, a place in town or at the Siem Reap Airport
  • Ending location: hotel or a place in town
  • Tour Duration: 8 Hours (flexible)
  • For every temple you visit, please wear proper clothes. If you wear t-shirt & shorts, please ensure that they are long enough to cover the shoulders & knees.
  • Lunch break is at noon at the local restaurants near the temples.
  • Sunset is at Angkor Wat, Bakheng Hill, Sras Srong or Pre Rup can be added to the itinerary with additional charge $10 for the whole group.
  • Make sure that your camera battery is fully charged and bring a reserved one if available.

Siem Reap Angkor

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