Beng Meala + Koh Ker (1D10)

Beng Mealea, very similar to Angkor Wat was built in the 12th century. Its current state is dominated by jungle. Its primary material is sandstone and it is largely unrestored, with trees and thick brush thriving amidst its towers and courtyards and many of its stones lying in great heaps. Trees have grown out of the towers and vines entangle columns. Lintels and others building blocks lay around in a tumble and require visitors to climb up and down as they approach the completely collapsed central towers.

Koh Ker is an Angkorian site in the northern part of Cambodia, about100 KM northeast of Angkor Wat. It was briefly the capital of the Khmer Empire between 928 and 944 under the reign of the king Jayavarman IV and his son Hasavarman II. The King Jayavarman IV moved the capital in 928 to Koh Ker, after the Khmer Empire had been established in the Angkor area. A great amount of temples were built under his reign, until his successor returned to the Angkor area about 20 years later.

Destinations / Attractions:

Start at 7:30 AM

  • Beng Melea – Jungle temple (75 KM)
  • Koh Ker – Pyramid temple (111 KM)
    • Prasat Pram
    • Prasat Neang Khmao
    • Prasat Damrei
    • Prasat Chen

What is included:

  • (Optional) An English-speaking tour guide (other languages also available with surcharge)
  • An A/C car or mini-van with a driver + gasoline + parking fee
  • Complimentary cool drinking water & towel

What is excluded:

  • Beng Mealea pass fee: US$5 per person
  • Koh Ker Temple Pass Fee: US$10 per person
  • Personal Food + Beverage
  • Gratuity & Tipping
  • Other personal expenses

Tour Price:

You can have two options for this package:

  • Option 1: A/C vehicle with a licensed and experienced driver who can speak good English:

1 – 4 pax = $110
5 – 12 pax = $140

  • Option 2: A/C vehicle with driver and professional licensed English-speaking tour guide:

1 – 3 pax = $160
4 – 11 pax = $190

Note: While the driver can bring you to all the attractions, he is not allowed to accompany the visitors to the temples and to explain about the culture, history, Buddhism or Hinduism myths, which is the job of the tour guides who are trained and licensed by the ministry of Tourism.


Other Important Information & Tips:

  • Where to pick up: hotel, a place in town or at the Siem Reap Airport
  • Ending location: hotel or a place in town
  • Tour Duration: 8 Hours (flexible)
  • For every temple you visit, please wear proper clothes. If you wear t-shirt & shorts, please ensure that they are long enough to cover the shoulders & knees.
  • Lunch break is at noon at the local restaurants near the temples.
  • Make sure that your camera battery is fully charged and bring a reserved one if available.

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