David on the right

Hello Everybody!

My name is Sieb Chhong, and nickname is DAVID. I’m an English-speaking tour guide in Siem Reap Province, Cambodia, Angkor Empire.

I enjoy telling people from everywhere around the world about the world’s wonder of Angkor (The Ancient Capital of Khmer between 8th to 16th Century)

What makes the best tour for me is to bring people through the ancient time and the 600 year-old Mysterious Forest by choosing the right time and place to avoid from the big crowds and noises. So it can make you feel that you were the first person to be at the place you always expecting to see and experience.

I’m really enjoying what I’ve been doing so far!

What’s mentioned about is not everything in Cambodia. I also prefer taking people to see how beautiful my country by bringing tourists to see the biggest lake in Southest Asia (The Tonle Sap – The fresh water river) and you can see the Cambodian’ rice paddy as far as the eyes can see.

One more thing that I never forget is the tragedy of the civil war during the 1970s (the Killing Field) which almost 3000,000 innocent people were killed. Visitors can have a visit to the monument at Wat Thmei to see the victims’ bones and skulls.